Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Officially a Tourist

My cousins are here from England and my work week has officially ended as of yesterday. Yay! And with Victoria Day falling on this coming Monday, that extends my holidays furthermore. I get to spend the rest of the week doing fun things like shopping, bowling, eating, visiting the CN Tower, Niagara Falls & simply doing touristy things. What makes this whole experience better is that The Weather Network has forecasted a pretty bomb schedule for the remainder of the week.

I find that because I live in Toronto, I underestimate the activities and things Toronto has to offer. I honestly cannot remember the last time I visited the CN TOWER and could probably tell you nothing about the experience. And for that particular reason I'm glad to be able to experience it and remember it again.

I was also originally not fond of the English accent however, having to listen to it all day I think it has kind of grown on me. The British say the word ”garage” very oddly, I was actually confused as hell upon hearing their pronunciation. It sounds like this ”gae-rage”. Like I didn't even know that garage was a type of music genre. The beats are pretty awesome and the remixes are even better.

Any who I have been nominated to make breakfast this morning even though everyone knows that I do not cook but I am totally up for the challenge.


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  1. Hey, what's for breakfast? It sounds like your going to have a great week, especially if you are going to spend the week with British people. They are so cool and really fun people, I bet you will have a really good time. Have fun and keep it real lol