Saturday, November 24, 2012


I haven't been to the dentist in almost 2 years and that is because I was scared for some odd reason. I have benefits that I pay for through work which I was not utilizing and simply wasting. Rebecca had fatified my picture at work ( an iPhone app that makes you extremely fat ) but during that process it slapped some messed up teeth on me. Almost instantly after seeing that picture I called and made a dentist appointment.

I went for my cleaning where they obviously took too many x-rays and it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. After cleaning my mouth for an excess of an hour and after telling me that I have no cavities, she then informs me that I have to come back next week for another cleaning. Like really? Aren't you supposed to go for a cleaning every 6 months? She apparently wanted to clean deeper into my gums. I then realized that my insurance policy renews every calendar year & they simply want to take as much money from me as possible. Dentist are over rated. Absolutely necessary and beneficiary for good dental hygiene but a total rip off. With all that said I am going under in 2 weeks to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Scared. What can I say... they nearly maximized my insurance cap in the end anyways.

Ok, so this is the picture I'm talking about. Be prepared to be traumatized. Enjoy!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Revenge & Suits

With the television series House MD ended and Gossip Girl ending in several weeks I have thankfully found comparable TV shows which seasons are still fresh to keep myself occupied in the evenings.

My new TV addiction shows are Revenge in lieu of Gossip Girl and Suits in lieu of House. From medical humor to legal humor and Upper East Siders to the filthy rich Hampton's.

I find that these shows are not mindless and provide a lot of insight, drama and knowledge into real world situations and obviously is great entertainment. I am excited for Suits to come out of hiatus and just recently started watching revenge; so I am still in catch up mode.

Anyone else enjoying these television shows as much as I am?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Back Time Change 2012

Saturday night, in bed by 11pm. As I woke up in a disgruntled state of confusion, trying to figure out why the time on my alarm clock was different from the time on my cell phone... I then realized it is that wonderful time of year again where we set our clocks back an hour.

Yay! An extra hour of sleep - you can imagine my excitement for sleeping is my favourite task/hobby/thing to do (next to eating).

So just a friendly reminder to everyone to set your clocks back an hour and to take advantage of that extra hour sleep because we are going to be taken over by darkness a lot earlier in the evening. Wah!

Happy Sleeping!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Be-Lated Birthday Hello Kitty!

November 1st marks the birthday of Hello Kitty - I can't believe I missed it. :(

I am not a fan of cats however, this little animated bob cat and I share a special bond. Well, maybe me more so than her. LOL!

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty, we share the same birth month. :)<3


False Eyelashes

I lack eyelashes. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with long, curly lushes eyelashes. I really need to layer up on the mascara, which I already struggle to apply and to make matters even worst - I hate removing mascara. I find that I lose too many of my natural eyelashes in the process and I know I can not afford to lose or spare any lashes. I also struggle to use the eyelash curler contraption, I've snapped my top lips in them once and boy did it hurt. Ever since that incident, I've avoided them.When I was in Miami, my girlfriend decided to glue on some false eyelashes and d-a-m-n, it was instant love in the mirror. Ever since then, I been hooked. I only wear them to big functions or crazy, wild party nights. Now that I think about it, I have never applied the lashes to my eyes myself - I don't even know if I am capable. The best part of this whole experience is... when I come home late at night in the odd some hours, all I have to do is gently rip em off and to bed I go.

False eyelashes rock! They dramatize your eyes and complete your entire look.
**bats eyes ;)