Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead

I was actually really excited when I heard the season premiere of The Walking Dead was coming to television. I attempted to watch the first episode and got bored 15minutes into it, so evidently discontinued further watching the show. I have always been a Resident Evil fan (from video games to the movies) so I thought that I would immediately be drawn to this television series - I guess I never really gave it a chance.

Now, there is so much hype about The Walking Dead and it is always airing at random times on channel 55 where I will watch random episodes. Also, Season 1 is also viewable on Netflix so I thought what the hell and began watching S1E1 on Saturday night. I absolutely love this show, the walkers give me so much anxiety because you never know where and when they come from or who they are going to eat next. The group of people who survive this zombie apocalypse are constantly on the move just trying to live. However, there is drama and so much emotion amongst each other which spices it up. I am already on S1E6 and am clearly obsessed with being caught up - there was a lot of hype about Season 2's finale episode last night.

Anyone else watching The Walking Dead and enjoying it as much as I am?


  1. Yes I watch it and I'm also obsessed with it. So much so that I have been caught up in reading the comic. I even have a Fan Page for walking dead on facebook. Its a great series and looking forward to see if they stay true to the comics. See you around :)

  2. That's actually a great idea, I'm definitely going to start reading the comics. I can't wait till fall for the third season.