Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Shoe Closet for Shoe Love

A girl can only dream to one day own a closet filled with shoes.

Over the past year, I have became a shoe junkie and own way too many pairs. I actually do not have enough space in my home (parent's home) to store these shoes. They are currently in numerous boxes in my bedroom, downstairs shoe rack, downstairs closet, garage and basement. It drives my dad absolutely bonkers that I have shoes everywhere. Also, when I buy a new pair, I have to sneak them into my house so my mother doesn't have a heart attack. I will post a picture of my collection once I have all my shoes organized.

I do plan to take on my very own closet renovation soon, utilizing the space to its maximum capacity (for the sake of my shoes). I love to do handy man work - I actually prefer it over cooking or doing the laundry.. BORING! My plan is to turn the entire back wall of my closet into stacked shelves so I can neatly organize my shoes. The side wall, I plan to put in 2 poles, one on top and one on the bottom, evenly spaced so I can hang pants, shirts and dresses. I have also found the perfect shelving unit at Home Depot and have yet to purchase it. I have searched high and low at Ikea but was unable to find something to properly suit my closet. 

While browsing the net, looking for potential closet ideas, I came across these celebrity closets and was in total awe..

 Christina Aguilera - really, a ladder to reach more shoes? It is also pink, how beautiful.
 Mariah Carey
 Kimora Lee - Her quote could not be anymore perfect!
Paula Abdul - This diva not only has a huge closet, but check out her organization from accessories to shoes to clothes.

Wowie!! Fingers crossed that one day I will own something at least a fraction of that size.

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