Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'Desperate Housewives' Series Finale

Ahhhhh!!!! and another one of my favorite drama television shows coming to an end. What a tragic year! What am I suppose to watch in Fall/Winter of 2013?! Again, along with House, Desperate Housewives is ending their 8 season run.

It was sad to see Mike Delfino being murdered off last Sunday as we count down to the last episode. Also, Tom Scavo now officially wants a divorce from Lynette to be with his new girlfriend? Ugh, like come on Tom. I am actually getting nervous, wondering how the series is going to end. It seems like they are heading towards a tragic ending.

The series finale episode will be airing on Sunday, May 13, 2012 with a special 2 hour grand finish.

The women of Wisteria Lane have enlightened my Sunday evenings, packed with lots of laughter and suspense. Each woman with her own problems but the best part of the show was no matter what they still made time for each other (poker and wine night).

I will have to say, my all time favorite character is the one and only Eva Longoria who plays Gabrielle Solis. Her character resembles so much confidence, manipulation, no regret, my way or the highway attitude and sarcastic humor. Running around in her fashionable outfits, flirting and seducing men with her charm. And we can definitely not forget about her kids, Juanita and Celia - her mothering techniques were pretty awesome.

Good Bye Desperate Housewives, I hope you deliver a fabulous series finale episode!! :( *tears

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