Thursday, March 22, 2012

Late Night Walks

With the temperatures being so awesome for these past couple of nights, I have been going for late night walks. I forgot how much I enjoyed walking - I can walk forever. While walking, I like to observe nature and the random people that are still out and about. The sky is also so beautiful, especially when the stars are out and the world is so peaceful and quiet. Sometimes I even see rabbits hopping around everywhere, raccoons tearing apart people's garbage and our friendly neighbour the skunk just strolling by. It is such a great feeling however, my mom is not too happy about me going on walks too late in the night because she thinks someone is going to kidnap me but I think I am going to be attacked by a zombie. (haha, as you can see I been watching too much of The Walking Dead)

It is great cardiovascular activity and my goal is to one day be able to run for 30 minutes consistently without panting for air. Might as well start with walking.

How I missed you summer! Glad you gave us a sneak peak of the marvellous hot weather coming shortly because I know you will be relapsing as of tomorrow.

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