Monday, March 12, 2012

Kony 2012

Last night, I finally watched the Kony 2012 - invisible children video on YouTube. Much to my dismay, it is tragic to see what is happening to these kids in Uganda for ongoing years. To kidnap children while they are sleeping and have them murder their own parents and/or if not both brutally mutilate their faces while turning the girls into sex slaves is simply inhumane.

Now the fight to catch Joseph Kony is in full throttle. However, there are also many controversial issues that arise and the answers still remain unknown. The money people are donating to the Tri - apparently only 30% of these funds is being utilized in helping the children. The remainder is being used on maintenance fees, paying staff, campaigning, etc. Today, I heard on the radio that Kony 2012 campaign team will be releasing a 10 minute video answering all sorts of questions for those who are hesitant about the cause. I hope this new video clarifies any misconceptions and uncertainties. Also, who is to say that after Kony is captured one or many of his followers will not follow in his footsteps? Is there an actual way this can all really come to an end? Furthermore, according to the people of Uganda, Kony has been missing or assumed dead for the past 10 years. Could we be hunting a ghost? Or has Kony really disappeared into the forest in deep hiding like Osama Bin Laden did?

To pledge, donate or get the kit you can visit the Kony website here.

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  1. He's dead according to this girl on YouTube