Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For some odd reason I am petrified of birds, I cannot recall an event that had occurred when I was a child for my fear of birds to be as atrocious as it is. I am scared of all types of birds, but this 1 particular bird that pierces such fear in my mind and body is no other than the winged rodent known as the pigeon.

 Incident #1: As a child, I lived in an apartment building and in the summer time our balcony door would stay open. Sometime, simply the feathers of the filthy birds would fly into the apt. & I would be running around like a chicken with no head. Also, in the winter time because our bicycles were stored in the balcony, they would build nests and have 10 babies and poop everywhere - this was the worst. They also multiple of times have flew into the glass window of the apartment balcony, which terrified me because I thought someone has just thrown a rock or shot a gun at our window. (yes, I once lived in the ghetto)

Incident #2: When I was working at a retail store, it was necessary to drive to the bank to deposit the money. The depositary was located on the outside of the building however, there was a shelter on the roof extending out about 10" to protect people from the rain. That little shelter had bars under them, where of course the pigeons would sit and chill out. I literally had to call Daria on her days off to meet me there and I would have her put the money in the depositary Once I had even has to go inside the bank and ask a teller to come outside and deposit the money for me because I was scared of birds. They had a good laugh about me probably for a nice 5 minutes. Talk about inconvenience and a good friend.

Incident #3: I attended Ryerson University which was located in the core of Toronto - pigeon central. On Saturdays I would park elsewhere and would have to cut through an alley to get to Rogers Business Building and the pigeons would just be sitting on both sides of the building and conveniently when I walked by they would flock like maniacs and swarm me (it's like they know I am scared of them). I have never ran so fast in my life before.

Incident #4: I find that in the earlier years, pigeons were scared of humans with the slightest movement of your hands or you just telling them to shoosh or go away. These birds have now built a tolerance for homosapiens and rebel - boy do they put up a good fight.

Incident #5: They encounter may-day landings, I have had pigeons fly insanely out of control and while landing skid across the concrete floor and come to a stop at the tips of my toes. Can you imagine how loud I was screaming as I stood on Yonge St. trying to consume my street meat? They also fly by you, so close that I am shocked I haven't been grazed by one.

Pigeons are bullies.

Why are pigeons fatter and scarier in New York?

What totally disgusts me is how people can stand and feed them openly while they are flying immensely around them, sitting on their shoulders, their heads and their arms? Gross! This picture actually makes me sick to my stomach. Aren't pigeons infested with diseases? Don't you hate the noises they make when the walk around or sink their little fury heads into their body while fluffing out their feather?

I have even had multiple nightmares about these birds out to get me, pecking at me and just touching me with their feathers (at this point you probably think I am insane & need counseling).

I even have a disgusted look on my face as I write this blog because I can envision them so vividly it makes me want to quiver up and die. 

Well there you go, now you know all about my fear towards any types of bird but especially the pigeon.

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  1. new york picture is soooooo funnyyyy

    Birds are scary

    swans are the scariesttttttttttttttt! dont know how they got linked to love and romance. when those birds flap their wings THEIR GIANT SCARY LOOKIN MATHA-F'R'S

    - nav