Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"House" Series Finale

My all time favorite medical drama with my all time favorite character Dr. Gregory House is finally coming to an end. The series finale date has been tentatively set to May21/2012. It has been 8 good seasons and his abrupt, arrogant, manipulative and hilarious character had me running home every Monday night to be pasted in front of the TV. Even if I missed the episode, as soon as I got home I would be on my laptop instantly streaming it.

I can also say, that most of my medical knowledge has been obtained from the television series and has really educated me on different types of diseases and the crazy diagnostic procedures. The series has also taught me alot about human behavior and the main lesson learned was: Everybody Lies.

Kudos to an awesome, amazing, fantastic, superb, magnificent television series. You will sincerely and utmost deeply be missed.

 You can read more about the series wrap up and Hugh Laurie's decision here.

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  1. There were days in med school, rather than reading I'd watch house.