Saturday, March 24, 2012

Old Geezer

Is it normal to be tired and consumed with a yawn a minute at 10pm? My yawn tonight is so intense, I thought I almost cracked my jaw opening my mouth so wide. I swear, I'm only 25 years old however, I find that with age sleep becomes more crucial. If I don't get at least a minimum of 7 hrs of sleep per night, I am totally dysfunctional. It is also hard for me because I have totally discontinued in-taking caffeine so its not like I can just go and drinking a coffee or shot an espresso.

I remember those days back in the teens where I was able to party, get totally wasted, sleep at 5am and still be able to wake up at 7am for work. Hung over as ever, but still able and present. Now, if I want a wild night out, I have to extensively plan in advance to ensure I will be able to sleep in until 2pm the next day and that I have no where to be or nothing to do that requires me to be coherent.

I would also rather be at home, kicked back on my bed or couch watching TV as opposed to raging at a club. I am a social butterfly and love to go out and mingle but when I do, it is now practiced in full effect - maybe once a month.

 I am an old geezer!!!!!!

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