Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twirly, Curly magic wand!

For those of you who do not know... I absolutely suck at curling my own hair. I have spent a lot of money purchasing a salon ceramic curling iron which I am unable to fully utilize and pretty much just hibernates 365 days a year. Also, I do own a ceramic flat iron and am still unable to curl with it. For the odd times I do attempt to curl my hair, I thereafter load on the hairspray with high hopes that the curls will maybe hold for an hour; but with my extremely long locks of hair the weight just does not let the curls sustain.

As a supporter of Kim Kardashian's website ShoeDazzle in where I purchase at least a pair of shoes a month which, in turn has got out of control - there was a Dazzle Deal that had caught my eye. I unfortunately missed out on the deal because for one, it sold out and secondly the dazzle deal had ended. Then a couple of months later it was back, the Proliss curling wand. For $39.95 + applicable shipping, I am now a proud owner of this fantastic curling device. An actual curling iron cost me more than 3 times that price and I am sure it does wonders however, I am unable to make wonders with it.

Now if I can curl my hair with this product - take my word, ANYONE can. It even comes with a pair of heat-resistant gloves which will protect your hands as you curl your hair. Over time when you become more accustomed to using this curling wand, you will no longer need to use the gloves. I also find that when I use the gloves it tends to make my hair frizzy. I dont even have to use any hairspray or as a matter of fact any product to hold the curls. I was even able to curl my hair after 2 days of flat ironing my hair dead straight. All you do is wrap a small chunk around, hold it for 10 seconds, unravel and VOILA!!

 This was the outcome I got from trying this curling iron for the very first time.

Proliss twister tourmaline ceramic professional curling iron.
25-13 mm barrel (1").
Heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are some amateur pictures of the curls I created with this spectacular wand:

Click here to purchase via ShoeDazzle.

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