Friday, November 2, 2012

False Eyelashes

I lack eyelashes. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with long, curly lushes eyelashes. I really need to layer up on the mascara, which I already struggle to apply and to make matters even worst - I hate removing mascara. I find that I lose too many of my natural eyelashes in the process and I know I can not afford to lose or spare any lashes. I also struggle to use the eyelash curler contraption, I've snapped my top lips in them once and boy did it hurt. Ever since that incident, I've avoided them.When I was in Miami, my girlfriend decided to glue on some false eyelashes and d-a-m-n, it was instant love in the mirror. Ever since then, I been hooked. I only wear them to big functions or crazy, wild party nights. Now that I think about it, I have never applied the lashes to my eyes myself - I don't even know if I am capable. The best part of this whole experience is... when I come home late at night in the odd some hours, all I have to do is gently rip em off and to bed I go.

False eyelashes rock! They dramatize your eyes and complete your entire look.
**bats eyes ;)


  1. I want the last 50 seconds of my life back

    1. LOL wow 50 whole seconds? The way I feel about my eyelashes is equivalent to the way you feel about your trench coat!!!