Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How I Love Palm Trees

There is something about palm trees that really give me a sense of serenity. Sun, white sand, palm trees and blue water is my place of haven. These tall lanky trees that grow coconuts (yummy jelly & juice) and whose branches/leaves you can use to make a hut or a home. You can actually fully utilize every part of the palm tree.

Once you view the pictures below you will see that there is a palm tree that has fallen however, it continued to grow sideways so close to the ground. It is actually amazing to see how this tree's roots stay firmly intact in the ground and hold foundation for this tree to continually stretch and grow.

Does anybody else appreciate palm tree's the way I do? I wish I could have one in our backyard.

Me, showing the palm tree some love.

How is this tree still growing or even alive?


  1. Yup.....I love Palm Trees just as much as you do!

  2. i allays had a unmoral love 4 the tree i live in Idaho so wen i go to California war my uncle and grama and grampa always lived i get to see them sinc i was 2 i allways went nuts wen i see them id count them too until i could not eney more i used to call it plam plam trees when i was young now my relatives moves to Texas i hope ill go to Florida or something to see the tree again i might be wired but i just love the trees so much!!