Monday, May 21, 2012

Junk Food Attack

With my family from England being over this past week, I absolutely let my good eating habits fail. Shockingly, I only managed to put on about 3lbs from my trip to Cuba and from my family being over in the time span of 3 weeks.

In Cuba, I was consuming liquor like it was water and not consuming any water for the fear of getting sick. For breakfast, lunch and dinner I consumed only meat and carbohydrates because nothing else appealed. Pasta, rice, potatoes and hamburgers were my meals of choice for 7 days consecutive.

With my family being over for a week, we consumed Pizza Pizza x2, lots of Eggo Waffles & sausages, all you can eat sushi at Akita, Demetres at 11:30pm where I polished my gigantic crepe with ice cream and whip cream, Baskin Robins cotton candy ice cream, Bourbon Chicken, BBQ, beer and french fries, Krispy Kreme donuts and god knows what else I am forgetting. I am surprised I haven't yet encountered a heart attack from a clogged artery.

I got to admit, I enjoyed every meal however, it did make me feel slow, sluggish and useless moments after. I also felt guilty but justified each and individual bite. 

Any who, back to my daily grind and ritual tomorrow. Need to get back into shape asap after over indulging with no limits!!

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  1. I understand exactly what you mean. I too have eaten the same if not more in the same time frame. However unlike you I put on 7 lbs, so I suspect the daily grindstone will get people back Into shape, in time for the next holiday where you can let yourself go again.

    If you have only put on 3lbs especially with those people from England then you have done.

    Good luck with everything