Monday, May 14, 2012

2nd Degree Burn

If you haven't read my post on Twirly, Curly magic wand then you don't know about the new curling wand I am obsessed with. It provides such great results and the best thing about it, is that you do not have to be an expert at curling hair (because I suck).

Last week as I was curling my hair in my bathroom, I attempted to multi-task by curling my hair and checking the traffic app on my blackberry simultaneously. Obviously, I was unsuccessful in doing so and thus suffered some painful consequences. The curling iron was about to drop and because I had my blackberry in my other hand, I attempted to catch it with my other hand (which I did) however, pressed it on my chest. The burning sensation was brutal and I had immediately figured I did some serious damage to my nicely tanned skin. Whomp whomp.

This is definitely a 2nd degree burn and has formed a lovely blister. The barrel was probably heated up to at least 210 degrees C (ouch!). A co-worker has informed me that from here on forward I should be wearing a turtle neck sweater when curling my hair. I think I am temporarily just going to lay off the curls. Luckily, the burn mark is low enough on my left boob, making it not visible when dressed however, I have to lay off deep plunged tops or v-necks in the meanwhile.

Even after the burn, I really did not even care that I got burned because my main concern was the scarring. I absolutely hate any type of scars - they are just plain ugly.

Currently, I am continuously applying Polysporin complete with 3 antibiotics, scarring minimizing and enriched with vitamin e. After speaking to many people about scar remedies, I have began applying honey to the blister nightly and am currently awaiting for it to pop (gross, I know) or dry out.

You can read on how to treat 1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns here.

Prepare to cringe.


  1. Awww! This happened to me when I was about 12 with the slight difference that I accidentally sat on it rather than dropped it. It hurt sooo much and the whole thing crusted over. I had a scar on my leg for about 4 years... mine was probably worse than yours though because the heat was on my skin for longer.
    I feel your pain - best of luck with a speedy recovery :)

  2. Ouch, that sounds extremely painful. Almost not comparable to what happened to me. 4 years for the scar to heal? that makes me sad. I am really babying my scar and hope I am taking all the right steps to minimize scarring.

  3. Hi Manisha. I recently got burn. I am thinking about using honey to help with the scar. Can you please let me know if you recommend it? How does your scar look after a couple of months now? Thanks.

    1. I was not consistent with my application of honey because it was too messy and sticky and also because my burn was located in a weird place. But I have had alot of people swear by honey when I was seeking advice on how to care for my burn. I do have a faint scar remaining and I currently apply bio oil and/or olive oil twice a day (post-healing). But if the burn is still fresh I would definitely recommend being consistent with honey.
      Good Luck!! :)