Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bird Road Kills

When you are driving and see a dead racoon, squirrel, rabbit, skunk, possum or deer on the road gutted by multiple cars continously running over them, you understand how and why this could have happened. Poor little creatures, they really should not be attempting to cross the street.

This is not usual however, on the odd occasion I do see pigeon or sea gull road kills. I do not understand how this happens. Birds are fairly smart when it comes to anything approaching them, and it's not like you see them sitting on the roads hanging out as vehicles drive by. Do they end up as road kill because:

1) they were flying and had a heart attack, so they fall from the sky onto the road and then people run them over postmorterm
2) the obvious reason, they landed on the road and got run over?

I am actually very curious to know the answer.

If anyone can enlighten me, that would be a pleasure.


  1. Birds, like any other creature can have accidents. Its not uncommon for a bird to be flying at a lower altitude and getting hit by a transport truck. They also could have been injured, landed on the road and got hit. Some of them could have been another animals lunch that got dragged onto the road. Who knows!

    1. Thanks for the insight. I don't know why I didn't even consider or think of those possibilites.