Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cedars of Lake Eugenia

I had my first cottage experience this week for summer 2012. We stayed in Flesherton at the Cedars Lake of Eugenia and it was just perfect. The chalet was right off the lake and was very clean - bedrooms and bathroom was immaculate for cottage country standards. The drive up was a little over an hour and 15 minutes which was perfect.

The days were spent BBQing (yum) and consuming lots of wine (yum again). And no there was no drunkenness or a sloppy mess involved. Kayaking, fishing, paddle boating, and an intense game of ping pong, Foosball and monopoly (xmen edition). To which I dominated in 2/3. I can be very, almost overly competitive because winning is so much more cooler than losing and the self gratification is absolutely worth it.

I also spent my time, sitting on a chair, taking in some sun in my trendy pink leopard pj pants at the shore of the lake reading 50 Shades of Grey on my Blackberry Playbook. Sitting there, listening to the sounds of nature submerged in the book - so much peace and tranquility. Oh, life was perfect at that very moment.
 To end the nights, I sat out around the bonfire taking in the raw heat, watching the moon dip into the lake with the clear skies filled with billions of stars.

It was a quiet, fun, but mostly relaxing weekend!!

I would definitely revisit this cottage site.

Check out some of the gorgeous pictures I was able to capture with my Blackberry.

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