Sunday, May 6, 2012

Custard Tarts

I go through a lot of phases in my life. I come in and out of them, I get over them and sometimes I even revert back to my old ones. When it comes to sweets, I cannot handle it because I have sensitive teeth and on the odd occasions that I do decide to indulge I have sharp shooting pain sprinting to my brain - the pain is just not worth the sweetness. I have learned that if I let it melt in my mouth and do not directly bite down into it with my back teeth it relieves majority of the pain.

My sweet trend began with white chocolate Hershey's cookies and creme, then sour cream glazed doughnut from Timz, McCain's Deep'n Delicious white cake, Lindt white chocolate (this was like putting a ball of heaven in your mouth while it melted away.. mmm), cupcakes (which I am still not over) and I now am currently addicted to custard tarts from Messina Bakery a small family owned bakery 5 minutes up the street from work. I am salivating just blogging about it.

Notice that everything is white chocolate? That is because I do not like chocolate, I am that odd person in the world who actually does not like chocolate. I eat some milk chocolate here and there but I do not prefer it.
Custard Tart

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