Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nik Wallenda Wire Walker 2012

Did everyone watch the courageous Nik Wallenda's historic walk the high wire from the United States Niagara Falls into the Canadian grounds? Prior to his walk there was so much talk in regards to the big day which I somehow blatantly managed to ignore. However, I was able to watch the walk live on television last night, being tuned in with probably millions of other viewers.

Initially, when he began the walk, I was actually frustrated because he made it look so easy and because he was attached to a tether. Upon his completion of the 1800ft walk which he completed in an astonishing 25 minutes - when they displayed in slow motion his footing, the density of the mist and the speed of the wind, I only then realized the concentration, training and skill set required to pull such a stunt.

I have to admit that his speech post walk was nevertheless inspiring and extremely motivating. Not only was it a childhood dream of his but it was practically unattainable which he somehow managed to pursue through drive and the support of his family.

Kudos Nik Wallenda!

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