Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Cleanse - Day 6

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I awoke at 11am however felt so sluggish I just laid in bed until 2:30pm. I know the reason I am feeling this way is because I did not consume enough water and concoction to provide me with any sort of energy. I just pretty much lugged myself around the house all day - did some reading, watched an excess amount of television and managed to do the laundry. Today I only consumed 3 bottles and this is exactly why I feel like garbage. My stomach was growling all night, making loud scary sounds but I was not actually hungry. At this point, I think I am over the whole eating process, now I just simply miss flavor and taste. I feel like I need to chew up some food and spit it out (haha, gross I know) and that will provide me with great satisfaction.

Once again, I did not weigh myself.

Tomorrow is my last day and I look forward, thereafter to consuming a homemade soup to ease my stomach in.

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