Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Hunger Games

I have been reading The Hunger Games trilogy and am currently on book 3. I cheated, I watched the movie before reading the book which kind of left me with unanswered questions and some confusion. After completing the first novel, it was more clear to what was going on and I was shocked to how much of the book was left out in the movie. I can say that I actually enjoyed the first book. I was also priviledged enough to read this book on a beach, with a drink in hand facing the sky blue and sun rays penetrating my skin.

The second book: Catching Fire, was also a good read. Had some unexpected twists and you really feel for the character Katniss however, I still enjoyed book 1 more. The scenes that occur in the arena are a bit too similar of those from book 1.

The third book: Mockingjay, is almost a drag to read. The rebelling has begun but I find that it is dry. I am on chapter 5 and will be completing the book but am struggling to do so.

I wonder how the movies for book 2 and 3 will turn out...

What are your thoughts?

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