Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Werewolf Syndrome Sisters

I came across this article via someones Facebook page (can't remember whose) and I was mind boggled that such diseases even exist. Werewolf syndrome? I was skeptical when I read the title of this article but when I saw pictures in support of the article - the title was most appropriate. It is actually quite tragic, I can not even begin to think what these girls have encountered growing up. I complain about peach fuzz, which at most times is not even visible and look what these girls have to endure. Also, the middle sisters name is "Monisha" which, is very close to my name (ha ha - yes, i know that was very irrelevant)

Furthermore, the article also discusses the forced life and marriage of their mother. The old Indian traditions that are still practiced until this very day, which I am not in support of.

The article on the Sangli sisters: Werewolf Syndrome is a must read. Also, watch the video at the end of the article, it is actually very sad.

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