Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bikram Yoga - 2 month update

So, I have officially been attending Bikram's hot yoga classes for 2 entire months. I attend class at least a minimum of 5 times a week.

My flexibility and strength has improved so drastically that I am now able to lay my mat in the front row of class right smack in front of the mirror. The tremendous focus and dedication I have acquired is mind blowing. You can accomplish virtually anything if you put your mind to it and its never too late to begin anything.

I have seen a lot of excessively over weight people attending these classes, but their drive, motivation and will power to get through the class (which they do) inspires me. 

I have injured both of my knees, but my left knee in particular gives me a lot of pain and problems due to a partial tear in a certain ligament (which I can not remember - ACL or MCL). I also have issues with fully locking out my left knee in class because it feels like my leg is just going to collapse. The posture that gets me the most, is the standing head to knee "dandayamana janushirasana"- for some reason, I ever so desperately want to master this posture by being able to hold it for 1 minute. I can say, I have come a long way in this posture, it actually amazes me.
Also, I have always had stomach issues all my life. My digestive system has always given me problems, no matter how healthy or strict my diet is - nothing helped. I have stocks of Pepto Bismol, Metamucil, Gas-X, Imodium laying around in my drawers because I never know what's going on. I can honestly say, that my digestive system has improved so greatly, it has reduced bloating and I feel great. I have not been doing anything different from day 1 of class until today (diet or exercise wise) and that is how I know it works.

The awkward pose, is a 3 step posture also known as "utkatasana" which is very similar to the squat but in slightly different ways. How did this posture help me? Well, I was at a baby shower at a recreational center and really had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was packed and the stall I went into, had pee all over the toilet seat (women, I know) so I had to pop a squat. Normally, in this situation within seconds my legs and thighs are trembling and I am struggling to stay above the seat, hoping and praying I don't fall onto someone's pee (Ewww).  Now, I am successfully able to hold my squat with absolutely no hesitation. Hooray!

And so I continue my Bikram yoga practice into month 3.

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