Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

As everybody already knows... Friday the 13th is supposed to be a day of pure bad luck, well that is if you are superstitious. To me, it's just another day - nothing special. The last Friday the 13th we had, I was unnecessarily ranting and raving about how Friday the 13th was a day of good luck for me (for no apparent reason, nor can I recall a spectacular event that has occurred on this day). Well let me tell you, the last Friday the 13th I was on Creditview Rd. yielding to make a right turn onto Brittania Rd and there was 1 other car in front of me. I was looking to my left to see if it was clear to proceed (which it was), but without looking in front of me to see if that idiot had already turned (which he could and should of), I accelerated and rear-ended him.

This was the first time in my 7 year driving history I have hit someone - I was so terrified and in a state of shock, I was literally trembling. After causing a blockage in that right turn intersection, we both came out of our cars and to my luck there was not a single dent, scratch or marking on his vehicle (I probably hit him at a speed of 10-15km), On the other hand, my vehicle's license plate was bent.

Talk about BAD LUCK! but now that I think of it, a minor rear-ending is preferred as opposed to writing off my entire car + paying for damages on someones car. The worst part of this all, is that I was at a full stop and then accelerated to hit him.. It's almost like hitting a parked car. What a shame! How embarrassing! He was also losing his kanip shit on me because the car he was driving was a rental (haha). The article below states that there is a higher # than usual of automotive accidents on Friday the 13th - maybe I'll ride my bike in my 4inch heels today?

Let's see what this Friday the 13th has in store for me.

Check out this article I just read by clicking on this linking or reading it below:

If you are one of the estimated 21 million Americans suffering from paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th), here’s a tidbit that might be disturbing.  A British study from 1993 determined that at least in terms of car accidents, there may be something to the fear.  Even though fewer people drove on Friday the 13th, there were significantly more people admitted to hospitals with injuries from auto accidents.

For whatever reason, fear of the number 13 is widespread.  But it was not always so.  In fact, there is good evidence that the same people who brought you fear of hell, ownership of women, and witch burnings also gave you the Friday the 13th myth as well.

There are 13 cycles of 28 days — lunar cycles — in a year.  And if you didn’t know, the lunar cycle was ancient society’s way of keeping time.  The same cultures that observed the lunar cycle may well have worshipped goddesses.  This is not surprising, considering the fact that life comes from women, and women menstruate in time with the lunar cycle.  (Both cycles are actually 29.5 days, but 13×28 worked well enough for the ancients.)  To these cultures — and indeed to many ancient cultures — thirteen was a lucky omen.  For example, the Egyptians believed there were 13 phases to life:  Twelve on this earth, and then the thirteenth, which was the glorious and triumphant transformation to the next life.

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