Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Love Curry!!

To be honest, I don't think I could live without eating curry, the flavor and the spices are so tasty. I can barely eat any other type of food without hot sauce because I have became so accustomed to these flavors and spices that when I eat food without spices; it tastes so bland. For example, I used to be an Alfredo linguine eating freak however, no matter how much I loved it I would still empty 1/4 of the bottle of chili flakes into my bowl.

A lot of my relatives and friends think I'm odd for taking curry to work - they call me a FOB (fresh off the boat) and find it really shocking and surprising. Like come on, sandwiches everyday for lunch is boring! I don't really get it... well maybe I do. Years back, when my mom would want to pack me curry for lunch, I was always embarrassed to take it to school or work because of the smell, especially when warmed up in the microwave. I don't know what was wrong with me because the smell is just amazing. I now take curry to work everyday! The most awesome part of it all, is that I work with 5 white girls who also love it (this saves me from the judgments and unnecessary comments, un-multi cultured ignorant people make). Also, I'm pretty clean about the whole eating process - I do use a spoon and don't get down and dirty with my hands when eating Roti or Rice. I think I've mastered eating curry with roti in a proper manner.

I've tried a lot of different types of curry's but my all time favorite curry cooking chef award goes to my very own mother. No, I'm not only saying this because she's my mother but because I believe that her cooking is pretty dang amazing. For those, who have tried my moms shrimp, chicken and goat curry could definitely back me on this point. She even makes vegetables taste good and will improvise a simple recipe with some of her homemade, home blended spices to taste yummers!!

Because my mom's food is so good, I don't even believe in having to pay someone to eat Indian food at a restaurant when I can have it in the comfort of my very own home.

I am the ultimate curry monster! nom, nom, nom...

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  1. Curry is amazing. I order some extra to go on evenings when I know the shop will be closed the next day just in case I get a craving.