Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Starbucks - Chai Tea Latte

I been caffeine free for about 2 months now and for some odd reason I was really craving a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte. Since I dropped my sister to work this morning, I had a little extra time before I started work to drive to Starbucks to pick up my beverage.

I, of course, got my favorite drink, Grande Tazo Chai Tea Latte and boy did it hit the spot. You can read the nutritional information on this Chai Tea Latte here. This one drink contains about 300 calories and is high in sugar and probably not the greatest thing to drink but it was well worth it. Yum!

It was good to get a 100mg caffeine boost today however, I will continue to avoid caffeine and sugary products because I do not want to become dependant on it. Majority of people have coffees, teas or espressos to begin their day and keep them going throughout the day but I stick to consuming endless glasses of water during the course of the day. This way there is no crashing and no dependencies formed. I was once a hardcore caffeine addict and while detoxing, I experienced the worst side effects from withdrawal - the headaches were indescribable (I wouldn't even wish this upon someone I absolutely despised).

A cheat, here and there does not hurt - the craving needed to be crushed!

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