Monday, April 16, 2012

Beauty & Olive Oil

I had bad acne growing up as a teenager and kind of just went through the whole ugly ordeal. Eventually, it got so out of control I had to start taking birth control pills to maintain my outbreaks which in turn made me fat. Not a big fan of birth control pills but let me assure you that it worked wonders on my face - acne free, zit free, scar free. When my face finally cleared up, I came off the pill and was able to sustain being pimple free for maybe 5-6 years now, which allows my face to be make-up free (foundation and powder). I remember packing on that gunk on my face to hide skin imperfections and scars, so gross and it doesn't let your face breathe. I do get the random pimple from hell here and there, which I guess I can live with but nevertheless I have a freak attack every time.

Recently, I rubbed a live aloe plant on my face (for no apparent reason) and I guess it reacted with my face and I woke up in the morning with a rash (pimple like) all over my cheeks and my forehead. It was probably the worst morning of my life when I looked in the mirror. My daily skin care regimen simply consisted of washing my wash every morning in the shower with Apricot Scrub and that was it. I now wash twice a day due to the hot yoga classes I attend nightly. I had to scrummage out my concealer which, barely matches my current skin color in attempts to conceal the red swollen bumps. I used the old toothpaste trick at night to dry them out and then attempted something I never would have even considered... OLIVE OIL.

Lately, I been on that, when it doubt.... Google it tip. A lot of people were talking about the natural beauty and effects of olive oil. It doesn't clog pores, it makes your skin shiny and radiant, moisturizes it and since it has so many nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins it can be greatly beneficial. "Another nutrient that exists in olive oil is chlorophyll. This helps a great deal in healing wounds and other scars. Acne blemishes will be nothing but a bad dream, after you apply plenty of olive oil on your skin".

Now my nightly regimen consists of washing my face with soap and then dabbing olive oil on my face, focusing more on the mildly scarred areas. I have been doing this for about a week now and have already seen great results and major fading in scarring.

I am unsure if this will work for everybody and anybody but I ensure, this cost efficient, natural home remedy is amazing.

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