Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brown Girl Problems

If you have not already read my I Love Curry post then you now know that I am a curry eating/loving monster. A problem that I frequently suffer from is having curry stained nails after a meal. My mom usually peels the shells off the shrimps for me and cooks boneless meat curry (yes, I know I am partially spoiled). For at least 3 years now, I have not seen my real nails - I have had fake gel nails on forever so I randomly decided to finally cut them off. I got to admit, it is extremely weird having such short natural nails however my typing ability has drastically increased.

Back to the point... After removing my fake nails, I decided to paint my nails yellow. The next day I indulged in goat curry - full out messy hands, bones and all (this was because I was having dinner at my cousins). After I washed my hands, I realized that your nails cannot get curry stained when they are painted yellow. It was AMAZING!!!!!

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