Tuesday, January 15, 2013

P90X - Day 1

So after almost 7-8 months of wanting to start P90X and after owning it for almost 5-6 months, I finally grew some balls (and a gut) and began. My current physical level of activity and lifestyle is sedentary, which is so pathetic. I feel like my heart is slowing aging faster than it should and that I am growing to be sloppy.

Day 1 - Chest & Back
Uhm, ya, so, I have absolutely no upper body strength. If I was in a life of death situation which required me to pull myself up or out - I would be dead, hands down, no questions asked. Push ups? Holy crap! I can do about 10 before my hands collapse. On a brighter note, I slowly but surely completed the entire hour at a struggling, slow but determined and motivated pace. Also, I realized that I am good at starting the lawn mower at 10lbs per hand - woo hoo!

I will randomly keep you guys posted on my progress.

I <3 Tony Horton!

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