Monday, July 1, 2013

Wisdom Teeth Removal Has Ruined My Smile

If you read my previous post on my wisdom teeth extraction you will know that my experience and healing time was very short lived (thank goodness). But now here is the dreadful aftermath....

I got my wisdom teeth removed in late December 2012 and in late February 2013 I had noticed there was a tiny gap in my teeth (the 2nd tooth next to my front one). When I looked in the mirror I was mortified and panicked. For anyone who previously had braces will understand how I felt. Having perfectly straight teeth for almost 10 years and then suddenly seeing your teeth randomly spread? Yikes!

It turns out that the new space that was created when my wisdom teeth were yanked out are allowing my top teeth is spread back. I had the permanent retainers put on, on the bottom teeth but because of my bite, I was unable to get them on the top. And, obviously I did not continue wearing my retainers post braces removal.

When I went to the dentist and explained my life altering dilemma he assured me it was nothing a set of spring retainers couldn't fix. I wore these every night, religiously and was even wearing them to work and in the day time for the first couple of weeks. I went back to the dentist about a month ago and got them tightened because I didn't feel pain anymore. No pain, no game. Right? I have definitely grown to love my retainers.

Now I'm waiting a couple of more months to ensure that the tiny space gets filled. Maybe I'll get a set of metal armour for my mouth again (braces), although the dentist doesn't recommend it because the roots of my teeth shortened with my first set of braces.


  1. Hi, Manisha! How's your teeth right now? It seems that you really had a hard time back then. It's a good thing that you didn't hesitate to go to your dentist and told him everything. Such problems should be given immediate treatment, so that you don't have to encounter problems worse than this.

    Cody Zieba @ Reed Orthodontics

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