Saturday, March 2, 2013

Parking Lot Hit & Run

Yup, sadly I was a victim to a parking lot hit and run. It's very tragic if you ask me because there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it. I was parked right slab in the middle of a open parking lot, fairly close to a handicap spot and I even ensured that I was in-between the 2 lines, not over the front line and most importantly did not have my cars behind sticking out.

I understand that sometimes you get into minor fender benders or slightly scratch a car coming out of a parking lot or making a turn (yes, I've done it in my younger years but now I'm just a curb grazing queen). I find random scratches, nicks, paint transfer and especially door dings on my car all the time. People are ruthless, careless and simply just do not give a sh*t about other people's property (sad to say, but its true).

Back to my main story, so... yeah, some lady (god knows how she was driving or how fast she could have possibly been going in a small parking lot) rammed my passenger back bumper and caused some serious damage. When you see the picture below, it will be hard to believe that this damage was caused in a parking lot while my car was parked, quietly minding her own business. (I partially blame mother nature, if it was a snow day like they forecast this could all have been avoided).

To make matters even worst, she hit, destroyed and drove away like it wasn't her business. When I laid eyes on my poor car, I broke down into tears and called my mom and was hiccup crying - devastated. I have the worst of lucks with Black Honda Accords but I just can't give them up. If you know me, then you know that I have a strong emotional bond with my car. My driving is a bit on the crazy side but my friends trust me because they know that I will never let anything happen to my car (haha).

People, be courteous because karma sure as hell is. What if that was your car? If you intend on rear ending someones parked car in full force.. leave a note, apologize, own up! Purchasing a brand new OEM bumper, having it painted and labor cost can run you up to $800-$1,000 easily. Be safe, drive easy and consider parking lot 5-10km parking lot speed limit.

Needless to say, my back bumper is repaired and my car is back to normal - well mostly. On a frustrating note, she slammed my car so hard she bent the frame and re-bar slightly deforming the shape of my car. I now understand why you should not buy pre-owned vehicles that have been in accidents.

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