Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bare Minerals Makeup

Due to my crappy eating habits and my yo-yo dieting tendencies I have recently been binge eating a lot of junk food. Also, due to the Christmas holidays and being gifted an excess amount of white chocolates (my favorite) I have been a really bad girl, so bad that my face wanted to express it to the world. Womp womp!

I have never worn liquid foundation in my life and my concealer is only select coverage so obviously that was not going to do the trick to hide my pizza forehead. I also do not like to wear an excess amount of makeup so I needed to find something that would both, cover up and conceal with the most sheer look.

I ended up purchasing the Bare Minerals Starter Kit at Sephora and boy, was I amazed.

What I have on my face:
*Primer (Bare Minerals)
*Loose Powder Foundation (Bare Minerals)
*Concealer (Makeup Forever)
*Powder (MAC Studio Fix)

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