Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My new laptop

I have been using my old age laptop for an excess of 8 years now. It works, however, it is slow as molasses. I visited Future Shop yesterday afternoon to purchase a TV and impulse bought a new laptop and TV. Yikes! (The only reason I visited Future Shop was because my cousin works there, otherwise I would not recommend Future Shop to anyone, seeing to as they are lacking in the Customer Service Department and they clearly do not care about you after they make their commission/sale from you).

I have contemplated purchasing a MacBook however, Safari and the whole Apple layout just does not appeal to me. I like to stick to Windows because it is definitely what I am good at and because it is what I know.

Walking down the the laptop aisle, I saw the cutest little 14" HP notebook and totally fell in love. When I laid eyes on it, I knew it belonged to me + the deal was too good to pass up (thanks cuz, if you are reading this). My browsing ability is now, that of 2012 speed and I am uber excited. The light weight, sleek design and portability is just perfect. In my extreme excitement, I totally forgot to take a picture, hence this photo-less post. Sorry!

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