Monday, July 30, 2012

Beerfest 2012

I attended Beerfest for the very first time last year on a Sunday. This was the 2nd consecutive year I went, however, this time I attended on a Saturday and wow... There were so much more people, longer wait times to fill up your glass and too much congestion. I also found that the porta pottys were unbearably disgusting - thank god I've mastered poppin' a precision squat, haha. Note to self: bring tissue in bag. Overall, I had a great time. The weather was amazing, people were friendly (and drunk) and there was an unlimited inflow of beer. I also did not eat lunch to ensure I was able to consume as much beer as possible without the bloating effect. I do however, recommend purchasing the Hoptimize package instead of the original one because it permits you to a shorter line, closer entrance and extra chips for a couple of bucks more.
Beerfest 2012 - Cheers!

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