Sunday, November 10, 2013

Many Faces on Halloween

This by far has been the most fun and interesting Halloween I have ever celebrated. I always knew I enjoyed dressing up but this year I was privileged enough to wear 3 different costumes at 3 different events.

My first costume was supposed to be a gingerbread girl but my girlfriend somehow managed to inspire me into turning the costume into a candy crush girl. If you know me, then you know my obsessive addiction to the game. I play it on my iPhone, then my iPad & occasionally on Facebook. All three mediums give you a full set of 5 lives (I love how the lives are not synced amongst devices).
My favorite part of this ensemble was painting my nails different colors and painting stripes on a single nail (in the game you have to combine 4 of the same colored candies to formulate this special super striped candy). Also, locating an over-sized lollipop was a lot harder than I thought it would be - I still have not consumed it. I wore this costume to a condo party.

The next costume I wore was probably my favorite and this is because it was so extravagant.. tiara and all. I actually felt like a queen in the costume. This costume was lent to me for our company's costume contest we had on Halloween day. Wearing this costume gave me a slight vision of how people used to dress back in the days. The costume was lightweight and although I would say I am usually cold at work, I was sweating buckets. I can only imagine how the ladies back in the day felt wearing such attire all day, everyday.
My favorite part of this ensemble was everything!! #royalty

Lastly, little red riding hood goes out for a nice dinner & to enjoy some music on Halloween night. This last minute plan with the girlfriends was an interesting & random night. People watching while sober... Uhmm ya! I enjoyed wearing this bold red lip stain to complete the outfit. The hooded cape was constantly being put on and off for the sake of pictures which was a tad bit annoying. Overall, always a great night with awesome company.

Until next year... :)

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