Monday, February 4, 2013

Julep Nail Polish

Rebecca had recommended me to sign up to this website called Julep. My reference code is 8187487 if any of you do decide to sign up. As you know, I am a nail polish junkie and appreciate quick drying, chip resistant cost efficient polish. Julep? What is Julep? It is nail polish that is made free of toxins and the color variety is outrageous.

I just placed my first order and was able to use a coupon code "COLOR2012" which made my total for 3 polishes 0.01 cents - amazing!!!! All I had to do was pay a one-time shipping fee of $3.99 and all orders placed thereafter are free of shipping charges. These nail polishes retail at Sephora for $17.50, which are way too pricey for nail polishes (well, at least I think so). But for 0.01 cents + $3.99 = $4 for 3 polishes, it is definitely worth the try.

Every month thereafter you can purchase a set for $19.99 or skip the month so your card does not get charged. I currently await the arrival of my first Julep package and will let you know my thoughts on the actual nail polish itself.


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