Sunday, October 21, 2012

iPhone 5 Case

So you all probably know about my dirty/sweet addiction to this cute little Japanese bob cat.. also known as Hello Kitty. As I was browsing eBay, in an adamant search for a super cool phone case, I stumbled upon this one and let me tell you.. it was love at first sight. I obviously in an overwhelmed hurry ordered it and now currently await the arrival of this super fab iPhone case via mail from Hong Kong.
Ya, it's probably not the most practical case but who needs total functionality when you can have glamor, glitz, sparkle and that extra hmph?

What do you guys think about this super cute/chic phone case?


  1. It's just the super cute will suit on my iPhone 5.have you some variety for it?????
    iPhone 5 Cases

    1. I know it is just the cutest thing ever. I haven't received it yet so I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy it fully. I have only started purchasing cases for my phone because of the delay in the arrival of different selections of cases. Apparently China was on a 10 day holiday hence the back up. This is my first exravagant one and I am super excited.
      What case do you have on your iPhone5?